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Don’t Google “tire service near me” because we are the answer for your search at Automotive Edge in St. Jacobs. Not to mention, we are also the answer for “tire installation near me,” too. We offer premium tire servicing for rates suitable for every budget. We even have financing options, if needed. Speak with one of our customer support team members to see if you qualify. Lastly, our promotions are a bonus which we offer to everyone who requires tire servicing. Take advantage of the deals while they last!

Tire Services Near Me in St. Jacobs, ON

At Automotive Edge, we offer the best tire services near you. This includes tire balancing, which prolongs the lifespan of your tires. We also provide tire rotation so that all your tires wear out evenly, making your tires last longer, too. It is crucial to have proper tires suited to your vehicle. Also, we ensure that they are appropriately inflated, in good condition, not too old, and are wearing correctly. You can tell byhow they are worn if you need a wheel alignment. A licensed technician can look at your wheel and can easily determine what needs fixing by where the tire is worn.

Tires wornin the center of the tire typically mean you have overinflated your wheels. If you have inner or outerwear on the tire’s edge, you need to book a tire service to have a wheel alignment. Alignment issues can affect the steering of the vehicle as well as the suspension. Having regular wheel alignment is proactive and can prevent major problems down the road. Edge wear can also indicate under-inflation, so check your tire pressure often with a gauge.

Other indications you need tire service include cupping where smooth spots on your tire and a dipping tread can indicate suspension problems. Diagonal or patchy wear can suggest it is time for a tire rotation. Observe your tires regularly, and if you see any of these signs, you should book an appointment with us at Automotive Edge.

Tire Installation Near Me in St. Jacobs, ON

We have the answer for tire installation, and you can browse our stock of new tires in our shop or online. We have all-season tires, all-terrain tires, all-weather tires, summer tires and winter tires. Our knowledgeable sales team can guide you through the process of picking the best tires for your vehicle.

However, you may be wondering when you should install new tires. Think about the last time you had your tires checked. We recommend changing your tires every three to five years. It all depends on a few factors, though. For example, how frequently your drive and what conditions you drive in. If you drive in areas with massive potholes and snowy weather, your tires may need to be changed sooner.

Another major factor in when you should change your wheels depends on how you drive. For instance, if you brake forcefully often and like to accelerate quickly and take corners fast, you are putting additional strain on your tires. Because of this, you will have to change your tires more often. There is no need to search online for “tire installation near me” because we are local and ready to service your vehicle. Contact us at Automotive Edge at 519-578-8543 for tire service and installation near you.

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