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Oil Change

Kilometer after kilometer, modern engines rely on sophisticated oils to keep them running smoothly and without problems. Engines include a lot of moving components, and they need to be lubricated correctly to avoid damage. This crucial function is provided by the oil in the engine. Oil degrades with time, being polluted with dust, dirt, and debris from the engine and the surroundings. When this happens, oil is unable to perform its function correctly.

Changing a vehicle’s oil and filter on a regular basis will help the engine perform at its optimum and save drivers money in the long run. When you compare the average cost of a year’s worth of oil changes to the expense of not proactively maintaining a car’s engine, the financial and vehicle benefits are evident. Automotive Edge specialists share the top reasons why oil and filter changes are so critical to a vehicle’s health.

  1. Engine components are kept cool. Friction is created by moving parts that aren’t properly lubricated, resulting in heat. Maintaining clean and appropriate oil levels is the ideal method for avoiding excessive friction and engine overheating.
  2. Keeps the engine lubricated. Imagine all the moving pieces beneath the hood of a car, such as pistons, valves, and other engine parts, all moving at fast speeds. These components generate heat and, if not properly lubricated, will severely degrade the engine. Make sure to check your owner’s manual to verify the proper oil the vehicle requires and check the oil level and add oil to ensure that the volume is maintained at the correct level.
  3. Removes gunk and engine wear particles. Engines are poisoned by dirt particles. Dirt may cause corrosion and shorten the life of an engine over time. Engine oil also degrades with time and transforms into “sludge.” The object of the game is to keep the engine as clean as possible. Oil and filter changes on a regular basis assist keep engines running smoothly by removing debris and sludge.
  4. Increases the efficiency of your vehicle. Increased fuel consumption can be caused by poor engine lubrication, so ensure there is enough clean oil in the engine. Gas mileage may be increased by 1-2 percent over time with frequent changes and the correct sort of oil. That may not seem like much of an increase, but for the typical automobile, it equates to a year’s worth of gas savings!
  5. It extends the life of the vehicle. Simply said, frequent maintenance extends the life of your car. An engine that works too hard will have additional difficulties and a shorter life lifetime down the line.  A car’s resale value rises if routine maintenance is maintained.

An oil change from our service professionals is a complete maintenance service that includes replacing the oil in your vehicle, checking all other fluids, replacing the oil filter, and inspecting your engine for leaks. At Automotive Edge, we are experts when it comes to any sort of auto repair or maintenance service which includes our exclusive oil change service,

Let’s take a look at some of the various oil change services we provide:

1. Replacement of the Oil

Oil is necessary for lubricating moving parts in your engine, as well as cleaning and cooling it. During a regular oil change, the mechanic empties the oil and replaces the filter. They replenish the oil in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines whenever a new filter is installed.

You’ll usually be offered four types of oil to add to your car, each with a different viscosity (thickness):

  • Conventional oil

Produced by extracting crude oil from the ground and refining it in a facility.

  • Full-synthetic motor oil

Manufactured fully in a factory and is believed to be better for your engine.

  • High-mileage oil

This is a newer type of oil that increases overall performance in cars with a lot of miles on them.

  • Synthetic blend oil

Combines synthetic and traditional oils to provide the best of both worlds while minimizing the downsides of each.

Always check your owner’s manual when determining which option to choose. You may be tempted to spend the extra money on a new oil with additives, but unless the manufacturer needs it, it will not increase performance.

2. Examine Your Air Filter

In addition to changing your oil, Automotive Edge will point out air filters that need to be replaced and give you the option of having a new one installed. You may not realize it but driving with a filthy or broken air filter reduces the performance of your engine by obstructing the passage of clean air and inhibiting proper fuel combustion. The air filter becomes less efficient at filtering clean air into the engine over time, which might have an influence on your car’s overall performance. In addition, if the ‘check engine’ light turned on lately but there were no obvious problems, a blocked air filter might have prompted the alert.

3. Brake Fluid Inspection

When you press down on your brake pedal, you are also pressing down on your brake fluid. Due to the incompressibility of fluids, the pressure is transmitted to your brakes, bringing your car to a complete stop. If your brake fluid is low, you’ll have to exert a lot more pressure than usual to slow down, which is quite dangerous. To ensure that you’re driving safely, your Automotive Edge mechanic will check the sensitivity of your brakes and, if necessary, apply extra fluid.

Regular oil changes, as advised by your car manufacturer, are the greatest approach to minimize the odds of a breakdown. You’re one step closer to feeling empowered on the road by learning more about maintenance services and understanding what your automobile requires. All you need to do is to contact us or book an appointment with us and you can be able to drive your car smoothly without any worries.

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