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Steering and Suspension in Breslau, ON

The steering and suspension systems in your car are integral to its continued overall performance. If you have been wondering, “who has the best car suspension repair and power steering repair near me?” look no further than Automotive Edge in Breslau, ON. Our focus is on providing a safe vehicle for you and your passengers to drive in and ensure your satisfaction.

What is a Steering and Suspension System?

The steering and suspension system in your car is designed to promote smooth driving conditions and enhanced performance. It converts energy it collects from navigating bumpy terrain into sheer power that runs up into the vehicle’s frame, helping propel it forward. The steering and suspension system also assists the driver in maintaining control on the road much more manageable.

How to Tell If Your Steering and Suspension System Needs Servicing?

Your steering and suspension are two critical components of a smooth and comfortable ride, so it can be obvious when things start to wear down. Your car might require steering and suspension servicing if any of the following happens while you drive.

  • While driving, your tires seem shaky or wobbly.
  • Your car makes a squeaking noise when turning.
  • The ride feels rougher than usual when you hit a bump.
  • One of the corners of your car sits lower than the rest.
  • Your steering wheel is tight and challenging to turn.
  • While driving, your vehicle pulls to one side.
  • Your tires have developed uneven wear.
  • When you brake, your car leans.
  • Push your weight down on the hood of your car while parked, then quickly remove your hands, and let go. If it springs back up and stops, your suspension system is in good condition. If it bounces continuously, it probably needs some attention.

All these actions are symptomatic of something wrong with your car. If you are experiencing any of them while driving, it is time you called the professionals at Automotive Edge and have your steering and suspension system checked. Inspecting your steering and suspension annually allows you to stay on top of routine maintenance and repair issues before leading to something more sinister.

Steering and Suspension Services to Expect from a Car Suspension Shop in Breslau

When it is time for your yearly steering and suspension maintenance appointment or you think something might be amiss, Automotive Edge in Breslau has you covered. We offer every service you could need to ensure your steering and suspension system stay in good working order, such as:

  • Ball Joint Replacement
  • Tie Rod Replacement
  • Shock Replacement
  • Strut Replacement
  • Suspension Inspection
  • Sway Bar Maintenance
  • Power Steering Check

Treating your car and its steering and suspension systems to their regularly scheduled maintenance appointments with Automotive Edge will extend your vehicle’s life and prevent minor issues from becoming more severe.

Not only do we have, “the best power steering repair near me,” but we also have the best car suspension repair services.  We take pride in that fact. We also take great pride in the level of customer service Automotive Edge clients have come to expect, so give us a call at 519-578-8543 or click to book your appointment today!

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