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EV Service

Electric vehicles (EV) have increased in popularity in recent years due to their fun to drive and lower operating costs. You’d think that because electric cars had cutting-edge technology, they’d be more expensive to operate and maintain than their internal combustion engine equivalents. EVs, on the other hand, should take less time in the garage and have a lower financial effect because they have fewer mechanical components to maintain.

That isn’t to suggest your battery-powered vehicle won’t need a quick diagnostic inspection now and again, because, like all automobiles, there’s more to maintenance than simply the engine.

What aspects of an electric automobile require maintenance?

The electric motor is unlikely to require much care.  Electric motors are very basic, with most units consisting of no more than 20 components, whereas gasoline and diesel engines contain thousands of moving parts. As a result, there’s no need to change the oil, replace the air filter, or replace the water pump. It will, however, necessitate a brief check with diagnostic equipment, which will detect any probable fault codes that need to be addressed. The same can be said for the battery, which has no moving parts and so requires even less maintenance. Individual cells will be examined for performance, and any damaged cells will be identified in the data.

The high-voltage electrical lines will be visually inspected by highly skilled technicians from Automotive Edge. These heavy-duty parts, which are usually bright orange in color, will be inspected for damage and loose connections. Most of them are well shielded from road debris, so issues are rare. With most EVs, even the gearbox is almost maintenance-free. This type of gearbox is significantly less complex than a standard multi-ratio manual, automatic, or twin-clutch since it just has a single reduction gear and differential. When modern synthetic oils are used for lubrication, the machine is effectively sealed for life,’ according to most manufacturers.

Electric Vehicles, like regular automobiles, include a cooling mechanism that keeps the battery at the proper temperature regardless of how hard the motor is working or how hot it is outside. Most are liquid cooled and just require a visual assessment of the fluid levels and, if required, filling up.

The remainder of an electric vehicle is identical to that of a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle; thus, it will receive similar attention. Because of the usage of regenerative braking, which uses the electric motor’s resistance to assist slow the car, traditional friction brakes are anticipated to require fewer disc and pad repairs. However, the greater weight of an EV means it will work harder when it is used. The brake fluid, like other hydraulic systems, will need to be replaced every two years.

What is the best place to get my electric car serviced?

Although not mechanically complex, an EV’s usage of very high voltage electrical systems need specialized attention if this element of the vehicle must be repaired. For the time being, this implies that the best servicing choice for most owners is to visit an approved primary dealer. Typically, each workshop will have an EV expert who has been particularly educated to operate on that brand’s electrical models, which includes not just technical knowledge but also the proper safety equipment and attire. This is where Automotive Edge comes in the picture.

At Automotive Edge, our policy is such that repairing the issue is what we focus on rather than replacement. Our years of experience on EV models has given us an upper hand to provide the best service on EV cars, whether it is an EVs Battery issue, wheel alignment or any other issue, we’ve got you absolutely covered.

Let’s look at some of the services we provide on Electric cars:

  1. Battery care for electric vehiclesIt’s excellent news, though, that this is not the case. Car batteries, contrary to popular assumption, employ a different technology than mobile phones or laptop computers. This, together with the battery management systems in electric vehicles, guarantees that the batteries last a long time.The good news is that most electric vehicle batteries now come with a 160,000-km warranty. For a typical driver, this equates to about 10-12 years.
  2. Wheel Alignment for Electric Cars The electric vehicle (EV) delivers its power hard and quick! Electric vehicles have rapid torque and may accelerate quickly, placing more strain on the tires. Consider the impact of a misaligned suspension on road safety when enormous torque loads are applied while cornering. The EV is likely to be heavier than its ICE-equipped counterpart, putting additional strain on the tires. Because four-wheel alignment is such an essential aspect of the life of an electric vehicle, it is advised that EV drivers get it checked every six months.
  3. Brake Fluid Change for Electric Cars After 20,000 km or one year, whichever comes first, your brakes and brake fluid should be tested and maybe replaced. Your electric vehicle’s brakes should last longer than typical automobiles thanks to regenerative braking, but they must still be serviced on a regular basis. Replacing your brake fluid will help you stay on the road longer. Replacing your brake fluid allows you to drive in any conditions by absorbing moisture and preventing corrosion.
  4. Updates to Software for Electric Cars Your electric vehicle, like your smartphone or computer, needs software upgrades from time to time to optimize its performance. These upgrades are frequently done in conjunction with a recall. If your vehicle needs to be updated, it will be done at no cost to you.

There are undoubtedly certain challenges associated with electric automobiles. But it shouldn’t stop you from looking into what these types of automobiles have to offer. Maintenance is essential for extending the life of your electric vehicle and ensuring its efficiency. Contact Automotive Edge and let us help you maintain the finest possible condition for your electric car.  Come in to see us, or contact us for an appointment for your EV.

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