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Are you ready to reach your full driving potential? Bridgestone performance tires are designed to provide drivers with smooth, slick handling so they can get the most out of their sports car or performance vehicle. Bridgestone tires provide exceptional grip and optimal wet performance handling and reaction when you want to make driving as enjoyable as possible no matter the road conditions. Summer and all-season performance, high-performance, and ultra-high-performance tires are all available from Bridgestone.

Take a test drive with Bridgestone tires and you’ll understand why they’re so passionate: “Our enthusiasm for the absolute best in tire technology, quality, and service is at the core of our dedication to you wherever you are in the world.” Bridgestone is a name you can trust when it comes to tires.

Get the best Bridgestone tire for your car by checking out a quick summary of a couple of their tires below:

  1. Alenza Tires Bridgestone Alenza tires offer the best highway touring alternative for customers searching for a luxury experience for their SUV, CUV, or truck, with a superb blend of wet, winter, and wear performance. With category-leading performance on dry roads, as well as better acceleration in wet circumstances and braking in dry situations, Alenza tires keep you in charge of your travel all year. QuietTrack technology was used to create a peaceful and pleasant driving experience that matches your luxury SUV, CUV, or truck.
  2. Turanza Tires Bridgestone Your car should pleasantly and silently transport you from point A to point B. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Bridgestone Turanza touring tires. Turanza tires combine luxury performance with a smooth, quiet ride in both wet and dry situations. This is due to silencer grooves that trap sound inside the tread and an asymmetric sidewall design that provides optimum stability. Turanza tires provide excellent all-season performance for drivers who choose less road noise and more year-round comfort.
  3. Run-flat Tires Bridgestone Driveguard It’s not uncommon to get a flat tire. Consider DriveGuard tires to be your insurance against getting stuck in dangerous or uncomfortable situations. A peaceful ride and smooth handling are combined with the ability to travel up to 80 km miles at speeds up to 80 km/h when a tire has been punctured thanks to Bridgestone DriveGuard technology. There will be no more waiting by the side of a busy highway or on a dark, empty street corner. You can travel to a safe spot (or, better yet, your local Bridgestone Complete Auto Care) to get that flat patched with DriveGuard tires.
  4. Dueler Tires Bridgestone The road less traveled isn’t always the best one for you. Dueler, light truck and SUV tires are required for drivers who want to explore difficult terrain. In dry situations, optimized contact patches give optimal control, while in wet conditions, silica in the tire’s composition and specific grooves provide tremendous grip. Dueler tires offer varied performance for truck, SUV, and CUV drivers, with unique technology that enables simple handling, rapid steering response, durability, and extended tread life.
  5. Ecopia Tires Bridgestone Taking fewer visits to the gas station benefits your budget, your schedule, and the environment. Ecopia tires, which are designed to help your car achieve optimum fuel efficiency, allow drivers to go longer between fill-ups all while getting dependable all-season performance and pleasant handling. The key is in the Ecopia tire’s fuel-saving sidewall and tread composition, which work together to increase rolling efficiency. A tire’s rolling efficiency determines how much petrol it takes to drive the same distance. Bridgestone’s Ecopia passenger tires are ideal for drivers who want to achieve more kilometers per litre in the summer, winter, spring, or fall.
  6. Winter Tires Bridgestone Blizzak When driving in harsh winter conditions, drivers need tires that are up to the task. Blizzak tires are designed to function best in the most adverse situations. When the roads are covered with ice, snow, and slush, and the temperatures are below freezing, Blizzak tires provide dependable grip and control. These tires deliver greater grip, flex, and bite thanks to NanoPro-Tech polymers, multi-cell tubes, and 3D ZigZag Sipes, ensuring you can tackle anything the coldest conditions throw at you.

Bridgestone offers tire safety tips which are summarized as inflating, rotating, and evaluating their tires. Bridgestone suggests the following simple actions to ensure that tires are ready to take the road and that passengers arrive at their destination safely:

  1. Inflate – Using a tire pressure gauge, check tire pressure weekly, as well as before lengthy travels or while carrying an excessive weight. The owner’s handbook or the tire information placard in the vehicle’s door jamb near the driver’s seat include information on proper inflation. Better still, you can let Automotive Edge take care of that for you.
  2. Evaluate – Drivers should inspect tread depth to ensure that their tires have adequate traction on the road. To assess the tread depth, all you need is a quarter!
  3. Rotate– Rotating your tires on a regular basis reduces uneven tire wear. Tires should be rotated and balanced every 10,000 to 13,000 km, or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. For assistance with tire rotation, go to a Bridgestone authorized dealer or a company-owned retail shop.

Get a one-on-one consultation with an experienced tire specialist at Automotive Edge and choose from a large range of Bridgestone tires. We’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate Bridgestone tires for your budget, vehicle, climate, and driving style. After all, Automotive Edge is the preferred Bridgestone tire retailer!

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